Bow Hunting

We specialize in bow hunting. To give our clients the best opportunity at hunting trophy animals, we have areas set aside for bow hunting only. Bow hunting is one of the most challenging and rewarding methods to hunt the wildlife of South Africa

Bow hunting is extremely challenging but incredibly rewarding! Many hunters choose to hunt with archery equipment because of the additional challenge it creates. We offer this amazing experience to hunt all of the plains game species and a select few Dangerous Game species. We know exactly what it takes to get a trophy with a bow. The thrill of the hunt is heightened when going after some of Africa’s toughest game with a bow. Getting close, undetected, and using a short range weapon is easier said than done on the wary African game. A challenge many hunters enjoy!

Bow Hunting 1
Bow Hunting Africa Sun Safari Buffalo

Interesting facts

Bow hunters are able to bring their own equipment and no permits are required to bring a bow into South Africa. The compound bow is the bow of choice for most hunters who pursue the South African game.  Bow hunters sometimes stalk or still-hunt, but mostly they hunt from a natural or man-made ground blind. When bow hunting with us, you will be hunting out of pit-blinds, tree stands, or on foot. 

The preferred months in South Africa are May to September as the vegetation is dry and less dense. Being our driest months, animals are also more concentrated around watering holes. 

Africa sun safairs offers a variety of incredible experiences for people looking to indulge in their archer heritage along with the excitement of being in touch with their inner ancestry although it may be brief it is incredibly satisfying.