Dangerous game

Boasting some of the finest dangerous game, hunters can be assured of a challenging and dangerous, but rewarding hunting experience. Adrenaline-filled hunts for Africa’s dangerous seven – lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant, hippo, and crocodile are on offer.

These are the seven most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. The .375 caliber is the minimum caliber required by law to hunt these dangerous animals. You will be accompanied by a Professional Hunter with a dangerous game license. This means he has sufficient experience in hunting these dangerous animals to keep you out of harms way. A good quality premium bullet is strongly recommended when hunting dangerous game. Nosler Partition, Barnes X, Swift A-Frame, and Peregrine are some of the recommended rounds to use on these animals.

Dangerous Game Buffalo
Dangerous game 2

Interesting facts

How to hunt dangerous game depends on the species. Cape buffalo and elephant are usually hunted by a combination of tracking and stalking, while lion and leopard are in most cases, but not always, hunted over bait. Hippo and Crocodile are mostly hunted by stalking and hunting from the shores of a river or lake. 


To hunt dangerous game is very exciting. We like to take all our clients on a once in a lifetime hunt. Focusing on the big five although not always available we try our best.  As the owner of African sun safaris I look forward to meeting you. We as a team and organization only want the best for our hunters and clients. Let us take you on a once in a lifetime experience. We want to offer you the best  experience and hunt. The number of hunters allowed on a hunt are limited due to space. Our hunts are dangerous and fun ensuring all hunters and participants get the most out of the hunt.  We are happy to take all types of hunter on safaris albeit for plains or dangerous game. 


We are happy and proud of our team although not with us all year round.  at Africa Sun we do small groups for dangerous game hunts due to the danger element.