Plains game

Plains game hunting brings more hunters to Africa each year than all of the Big Five combined. Southern Africa can boast with more species of mammals than any other destination on the globe. 

Plains Game refers to antelope in sub-sarahan Africa. The term has context because of a significant amount of antelope inhabits the plains and savanna areas of Africa. 

The all-encompassing plains game terminology includes African plains animals with bovine characteristics such as wildebeest. It excludes the ‘Big Five’ animals; buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, and rhino.

Interesting facts

African plains game hunting is conducted in a variety of geographical areas which can vary widely in climate, vegetation, and topography. The hunting areas can range from densely wooded savanna to wide open grasslands.  

The hunting techniques that we employ can vary based upon the preference of the hunter. It can range from walk and stalk to hunting from a blind with bow and arrow.