All Safaris

At Africa sun we enjoy hunting and sending trophies home. This is what we do although it is in the hunters hand we like to assist. 

Photographic Safari

Incredible light, diverse scenery and a plethora of African wildlife set the stage for an unsurpassed photographic safari in the heart of South Africa.

Dangerous Game

Boasting some of the finest dangerous game, hunters can be assured of a challenging and dangerous but rewarding hunting experience. Adrenaline filled hunts for Africa’s dangerous seven - lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant, hippo and crocodile is on offer.

Bow Hunting

We specialize in bow hunting. To give our clients the best opportunity at hunting trophy animals, we have areas set aside for bow hunting only. Bow hunting is one of the most challenging and rewarding methods to hunt wildlife in South Africa

Rifle Hunting

To maximize your hunt of a lifetime in Africa, rifle hunting is mostly done on foot or by means of spot and stalk, depending on the client’s ability and the animal being hunted.

Wing Shooting

We have have great wing shooting to offer due to the wide variety of bird species. What makes bird hunting so attractive in South Africa is the fact that the birds are totally wild and indigenous.

Tiger Fish Fishing

Tiger Fish are known as Africa’s finest fresh water fighting fish with supreme game fish status