South Africa

There’s not much that South Africa doesn’t have to offer its visitors.  The vast landscapes offer unique wildlife experiences that are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

South Africa shares a special place in the hearts and minds of many hunters and non-hunters alike. Here you will find exactly what you want and more on an African Hunting Safari. South Africa is one of the most renowned hunting destinations in the world boasting not only the Big 5 but also magnificent plains game.

The thrill of the hunt in this country is unsurpassed and you are guided by trained professionals who love the grounds they hunt on and who know exactly how to ensure your hunt will be a memorable one.

Hunting and wildlife management in Africa is very different than anywhere else around the globe. Hunting drives the protection and management of Africa’s wildlife, and without it, many species would already have perished. Unless the wildlife is valued by hunters the animals will most likely be poached, market hunted or displaced by farming.

For many hunters an African Safari is the pinnacle of the sport. Tracking game in the African bush, stalking one of the Big Five, watching the African sunset and swapping tales with fellow hunters around a camp fire.

We like to spend our time relaxing around the camp fire and around our fellow hunters. The main focus of our down time is enjoyment although it may not be too often we think it is important. If we could spend every night around the fire we would and we could. We like to swop stories after a hunt due to learning from one another.